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Best dance-a-thon we ever had! I have been here for over 21 years Trevor got all the kids totally engaged. The show was amazing.

Fernside Public School



The Trevor show was well worth every penny spent.

Thanks again Trevor great to have you back!





EB Phin Public School

Wow! the kids loved it so much and you even had the teachers dancing.

We have 2 more dates we want to book with you please!

Bishop Scalabrini Separate School


The Show just kept getting better!

The kids kept dancing and dancing and dancing!

Thanks Trevor!

Muirhead Public School



The kids were asking for his autograph after, he really is a superstar. When you see these kids smiling and sing with him you know what I mean
Lynngate Jr PS
I saw him perform at my last school for 5 years and the kids loved him, He was even better at our new school. Were looking at dates for next year!
John A Leslie PS
At the end of the day we bring down all the kids for an award and Trevor does a interactive dance with everyone hundreds of kids dancing and fallowing his everymove including the teachers he brought up on stage it was an awesome sight to see.
Indian RD Cres
He has been  at our school for over 7 years now and the kids and teachers love his show and personality so much so we book him 3 time a years!
Queen Victoria PS
Where did this guy come from! I feel like im watching a justin bieber concert the kids love it!
Thanks Trevor
Elkhorn PS
He is charismatic, funny, super energetic and boy can he sing and dance! Super Talented!
Roland Michener PS

















We have everything you need including, video screens, lasers, led dance stages, dancers, interactive DJs. Famous singers, break dancers, Beat Boxers, Basic DJs, etc at an extra charge.